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Friday, 9 July 2010

Studies and personal work

A daily sketch group sketch! About an hour on this one
Frank Frazetta study, RIP.

Studying Bridgman and Vilppu this morning.

And the character im working on this week for ChoW.
"As a respected member of the Sky Pirates for more than ten years, it was obvious that after the previous captain suffered an “unfortunate accident” in battle, (s)he would take up the leadership of the pirate crew. Behold the new Captain of the Sky Pirates: feared by his/her opponents, admired by his/her crew!"
My idea for this image/character is that althugh hes a well respected member of the air pirate group, hes a devious dude and he kills the previous leader during battle because he knows he would be the obvious choice to take over. You can see him in my last image putting on armor, thats suppose to be the armor that the leader wears and so every other peiece of clothing hes wearing im going to make very raggy and battle worn, to contrast and also to show a little more the story behing the image. And thats the dead old captain on the left who I dont know what to do with yet, I might just have him in a tshirt and boxers to really make sure the point gets across that my main character is after taking his armor :P. Well see, im still sketching and working out composition.


  1. Hi Marc! I have to say, the volume of studies you do is pretty impressive, as is the well thought out process you put into your CHOW entries. I could take a lesson from you there, since I usually just jump into a painting and waste untold amounts of time trying to work it out as I go :P

    As for your current CHOW entry, I like how you have him walking off with the new armor and his new title as captain, but it's not really clear that the man on the ground behind him was the old captain. As it stands he looks more like a random dead crew member. Maybe if you made him larger and closer to the viewer he wouldn't seem so disconnected from your main character, if that makes sense :D

    Awesome work! I hope you have time to finish.

  2. thanks so much! :D I used to always jump into paintings not knowing where I was going, I was terribly undisciplined and it got so frustrating I really wanted to just quit several times :P So forcing myself to go the extra mile with preparations is very worth it. But last week that led me to not being able to finish haha! So I dont know I have to find a balance.

    Its funny you say that because I had originally the old captain much larger but as I was tweeking the composition I moved him back in perspective to avoid blocking. I dont know why but cleaning up my sketches usually just consists of shaving away ALOT of excess :P Any way I moved him back up and to the left more which I think solved it. Either way once I add the lighting and blood etc it will be clearer :)
    Thanks for commenting, I really admire your work!