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Sunday, 20 September 2009

Bert Lahr (The lion from wizard of Oz)

This drawing I meant to post on the drawing board a while ago, done the same way as the pirate creature but I scanned this one :P It was his birthday and so I did this but then i got that shitty phone call from college that stopped my workflow lol That was when they told me I might not be able to go into the next year, So i stopped drawing and for about a month and a half I just animated non stop, It was very useful to have done that before going back and I DID get back in but there was sooo many bday caricatures I wanted to do for the drawing board :( i guess il just have to wait til next year haha, sorry Ben Stiller!

Photo vs Scan

The last post of the pirate creature done for chiustream(the chiu chiu train!) was scanned in, and i felt something was lost because i didnt like it on the computer but i did looking at it on the paper. So today i thought id take a photo to see if there was much of a difference, and there is! I dont know why, maybe its the sunlight or something like that, oh and i didnt crop this photo coz i always crop and i just wanted to leave my mums hand in there lol Also it gives you an idea of what size I was drawing at.

Edit: forgot to mention I went over the sketch in some parts with a sharpie marker to bring it out, like the eye patch, gota love those sharpies.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

ChiuStream Drawing

Pirate Creature!
Done on a brown paper bag we got the apple tart in, with a black Pitt Oil Based pencil and a white one too.