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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Digital paintings, life drawing and sketches.

Two crappy self portraits. Did that thing again where I make myself look like a religous alien thing, still dont know how that happens!

Heres a painting I did for ChoW, character of the week contest on ConcpetArt.org. The theme was steampunk aphrodite. First time really doing anything with steam punk, t'was fun!

Two Monsters fighting MMA style. Could have done alot better on the lighting. Maybe il come back to it, though the list of paintings I need to go back to now is seriously piling up.

Another daily sketch group painting. The theme was some distorted thing dragging itself onto a tropical shore.

Wahey another unfinished painting! :P This was for EOW, Environment of the week on ConceptArt.org. Its an orrery chamber, for those who dont know, which is most i think! that is a room that has a mechanism displaying a solar system.

Self portrait in acrylics! Finally starting to get the hang of mixing opaque paint. Should do some more of these soon, I want to do some still life to and definetely some landscape stuff.

My "flat" paintings from life drawing this week!

....... sooo "flat" arent they?

In my third painting of that day I was using the paint like acrylic and not water color, a big step for me. I was so happy I could mix the colors I wanted and just plop them down that I started putting down a bit too many lol, but actually I really like the look that doing that gives it, I need to think about that and figure out where that could fit into my work.

Some older life drawing..

Did this the day before we were painting in life drawing, its my room mates guitar not mine, mines way cooler.

Sketchbook stuff

A few sketches I did while at a talk by Animator Eric Goldberg.

Some sketches of my first nephew Adam. And randomly my zombie like head in the corner!
Thats mum Adam and holly in the bottom right corner. :)