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Tuesday, 5 February 2008

The Alps

Valley race

Eerie scene


Title: Not your average portrait
Name: Marc McCabe
Country: Ireland
Software: Photoshop/Painter

This is a piece i did last year that has been gathering cyber dust! heh, i finished it off very quickly a while ago so i could upload it, i decided against giving a finish, instead i tried something different, and here it is! Done in photoshop, took a VERY long time, especially the face, please critique! :D thanks, Marc.
Sci-fi Heres a quick sketch i did to warm up today :]


-I wanted to paint something, so i picked an animal and voila! emm toook about . . 3hrs,
-download for details
-oil on canvas
-please comment :3
Vince Noir
This is as FAR as im taking it! spending way too much time on it.. . didnt even bother going back over his clothes :3 it will do
DOWNLOAD for close ups! big download
original one [link]

A quick sketch of my new glasses, or "jags". took about 10 minutes in photoshop :3
100% outta my head. . . . i got a weird head :P