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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Stuff n junk

Initial sketch I did today of a photo.
And then I cleaned it up for rendering practice.
Self portrait in water colors.
Water color sketches of Eoghan doing his work.
I started this one a few weeks ago but I couldnt get back to it when the weather was right and eventually the leaves fell off the trees so I dont know what im doing with it now.
Little watercolor paintings, from my apartment, outside the apartment, train station, and the last 6 are from Sligo.
Still working on 100 girl heads :P. Going to do 100 cars after that.
Three failed self portraits I did last week, all in one day.

And one I did the next day that I really like. You really have to be in the right frame of mind.
Little bit of work on a daily sketch group entry. working out composition mainly.
4 Photo studies, I was working on these pretty small, just trying to get the hue value and chroma right and not really caring how I put em down.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Watercolor goodness and other stuff.

First is a watercolor study of a sculpture.
Then these little stamp sized watercolors Ive started which I really enjoy, and they dont take very long. There even quicker since I got the watercolor pencils, though Im not very comfortable with them yet.
I got the Idea for them from James Gurneys blog. Which is really a great blog, just so interesting. And frequent! Which makes me think I whould be doing alot more, considering how much busier he is than me!!

Some photos I took this week. I have so many photos that I just havent gotten around to correcting and posting. I really want to but at the same time its just not a priority. I saw these three and I got Ideas for them right away so I just did it.

I just want to say im NOT this droopy faced lol. It was a mistake from the sketch phase I didnt spot right away, but I kept it because its got that religous stain glass window figure look haha. I mean regarding the porportions of course.
Anyway for the first time I feel like I got the lighting right in low light conditions, I really struggle with that. I like things to be clear, I wish I lived somewhere really sunny .

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Self Portrait and Sketches

Self portrait. Still trying to use my shape to shape in a gestural way while applying it to a painting process. It has its uses and I think this is definetely something for me to take further. Its not really evident in this painting though haha.

And sketches. Some of the bog bodies exhibit, and some of the living!
Two pages didnt upload because they were JUST too big, and now photoshop wont work so I cant fix em.

Realised the other day ive forgotten how to draw girls. Especially from my head, so i did some studies.