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Sunday, 22 February 2009

The Escapist

(i recommend clicking on the picture for a closer view)
Funny thing bout this series, I was drawing my hamster last night and i decided to paint the drawing, like how i did the bobby chiu collabs. But it ended up coming out very flat, so after getting frustrated i decided to just go with it and I got the idea that its a decoy that my hamster set up to escape lol. He did actually escape last night, not like this though XD i took the top off to do something n he bass jumped outa there. . .. nasty fall lol but hes fine dont worry :)

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Bobby Chiu Collab 2

Heres another colored version of one of Bobby Chiu's line drawings.....the lines dont actually feature here . . . hehe.

And heres the progress!

Friday, 13 February 2009

BobbyChiu Fish collab

Well for those of you who dont know Bobby Chiu is a fantastic artist from Canada that i have aspired to be like for a long time and yet THIS is my first ever collaboration with him. Ive done many paintings in his technique but nothing like this. This is very bobby-esque but its very much my own work, as far as the colours and tones go. http://imaginismstudios.blogspot.com/ This is his blog, i saw the sketch of this fish there today and i said i just had to paint it, i dont know why :D Just one of those things,

any way! I call this one. . . . BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU FISH FOR!



Progression of zee fish painting.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

More Zoo Studies

So heres some more zoo studies i did in November, the reason i havent posted them is there not on my laptop, im home now so i thought id post them while i had the chance. These are just some of my favourites, probably the ones i was most proud of, hope you like.

Picture i did on the train

I did this yesterday in paint on my friends laptop with a mouse, just wanted to see if i could do something with limited control of my tool (the mouse), by that i mean its really hard to paint with the damn thing haha, enjoy.