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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I was sick, now im better : )

Creature Ideas for DSG (I was still sick when I did these :P)
Daily sketch group entry
Photo study
William Bouguereau Master study. I. Fucking. LOVE Bouguereau!!
And this weird little guy I painted as an Idea for a "Wind Waker" style 3d character im making in 3DsMax.

So after a week of being painfully sick what have I learned... Dont get sick! Its fucking awful, you want to paint, but you cant! But whats interesting is that I didnt stop doing this habit Ive had for, as long as I can remember Ive always been doing it. Im always observing things and If say Ive been painting alot Il think "how would I paint that" just about anything. Sometimes I think its more benificial than actually physically painting lol. Theres been times where I havent painted for a long time and when I do paint again im some how a little better! :S Amazing. Anyway since I was sick and couldnt paint execpt in my head, I thought Id watch some one else paint. So I went on MassiveBlack and got the Brad Rigney download. Recommend it!! Its like 4 and a half hours long and after watching that everytime I went to mentally paint heh. Id be painting like Brad! He uses the smudge tool all the time and so Id be thinking, "now how would I smudge that" lol. Anyway when I tried it on those creature designs and the pigeon photo study I found I had it DOWN. So thats my little lesson for today haha. EVEN IF YOURE SICK YOU SHOULD STILL BE PAINTING.... in your head!


  1. Glad you're feeling better Marc! Looks like you came back with a vengeance, those creature designs are bitching, I really like the colors.

  2. thanks man :D haha, back with a vengeance, I like that!