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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

First post of the summer break!!!!??!!

Had to take a little break after college finished last week, I was WAY too stressed out. Anyway Ive un-wound now and im ready to get into a routine, there just so much of my art I want to develop I really have to make out a schedule or something. I have more plans but I wont mention them yet in case I end up not doing them haha

So first here is some sketches I did while watching the Vilppu drawing lecture thing, really really awesome lectures, Ive learned SO much already and I hardly watched any of it.
Then a photo study
A sketch I did today using what I learned from Vilppu
Same again but decided to add color, I ended up going over the lines with another layer which could have ended up looking awful but its not bad
Those two drawings show sort of what I want to advance at this summer. Ive been thinking about it for a long time, I want to develop a process of sketch, clean up sketch, line work, colors etc etc. But what ever way I end doing it basically I just want it to be consistent and effective so I can keep doing it and hopefully my original paintings will be more fluid.
Last post is a failed self portrait I did a while back. Again trying to nail down a process, but without lines. By putting down a midtone, working in shadows, then highlights. It failed because I couldnt take it anymore and I strayed from the plan, I got lost and I just couldnt continue, It was taking forever. Il probably do another of the same photo though. Doing line work really helps so I think thats some thing Il do more.

anyway, everything im reffering to is backwards.... I aint changing what I said haha

Friday, 7 May 2010


Blade runner movie stills and a self portrait I did today, which is more a study of my arm. I was yawning and noticed my arm looks weird at the elbow so like all interesting things I see, I wanted to paint it!