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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Back to boobs

I knew this would be a fun one since I first saw the photo :S
Took it further then I wanted to but hey! it was fun.
Is this habit of painting white backgrounds, or rather not painting the background for photo studies a bad habit? Ive done it twice now..


  1. poor little thing, glad youre better! YOU KNOW im thinking of getting a beatlestattoo, that would be the coolest thing to do wouldnt it ? Like, can you imagine we saw a beatle ? A FUCKING BEATLE I KNOW. Ronan is in radio silence btw. And a black cat visited me today and i reeeally hate my job. I got into university too ! How are you my love ? ps. i love the boobs.

  2. I can only say..time well spent! 15 minutes per day of boobwatching will keep your heart healthy! Nice conceptual work in the previous post aswell, its like I can almost touch the creature, really cool man!

  3. ANNIKA! MOY! So good to hear from you :). thanks :D Wow that would be cool, you should get something that reminds you of the concert, because that was the BEST TIME EVER! Yeah I havent heard from him either, but I kinda want to wait to hear about his trip from him in person. A cat you say? what could it mean!? haha I know you do :(. Youre going to college? thats awesome! :D congratulations! What are you going to study?? Im great! Not being sick is the best! hehe. Im just doin my studies and painting everyday, usual boring stuff. No fun with me! Thank you i am very proud of them boobs :) PS: If you use an account when you leave these comments, then I can see Ive got a comment from "Annika", and not "Anonymous" when I open gmail haha.

    Dave! 15 minutes? get outa here lol That took way longer! cant remember how long, but I do get what you mean... I do my share of boob watching off the clock too :D Yeah those creatures were done with the technique I said Id show you in that email you didnt reply too :S

  4. i love this one, the ears,..the boobs... everything and i htink if i see that girl like that in real life the background would be white too jaja.

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