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Monday, 29 March 2010

Photo study 9

Study for this morning, going to spend the rest of the day doing imaginative painting, at least that's the plan. My main focus for this was the black and white values, all done in one layer. And I did the color pretty quick, with around 20 or so layers :P I like this technique but I really need to find a way to make it look less digital, I think it has something to do with doing too saturated too fast.
That enough for ya Dave? :D

Oh and there's no over paint on this, as in I didn't paint over the color layers to tighten it up, which usually makes it look 10 times better.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Movie still 7 and 8

So I was watching predator 2. Ok first off how the fuck can you manage to take such a cool concept and just completely make a balls of it, I mean the movie is good in parts but thats ONLY because of the concept, not the directing, the directing was SHIT.
Anyway lol, predator was in my head when I was thinking of a subject for my study today. Learnt alot from these two actually, especially the bright jungle one with just arnie

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Movie stills studies 1 - 5

My studies for this morning, combining color light and tone studies with cool compositions/poses/situations. Alot more interesting than photo studies, but If I was just trying to study color light and tone id probably wana just use a photo, its less distracting.
Coz you dont have to try and draw Brad Pitt from below and mess it up!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Imaginative painting 01

After the Frazetta study I wanted to try something from my imagination, I hadn't done this in a long time, so it was fun but also really really hard. Well at first it was easy, but after a while I just kept hitting walls. So now I know where to improve
I really should have been doing more imaginative paintings, it really fuels my desire to learn more. Lately I had been feeling like why the hell am I learning all this stuff, light, colors, composition etc. I forgot why I started painting in the first place.
But the really crap thing is, even though the last year and a half at college Ive learnt a load of stuff, I haven't been applying it to anything that isn't just observation, so when its just me and the paper, no ref... im fucked basically!

Life study 5

The sun didnt stay long :P but it was still awesome painting out in the sun, I just need to paint quicker, so I can do more. If its sunny again tomorrow im definitely doing more!

Frazetta study 02

Frazetta study from this morning. I wanted to do more studies but the sun is actually nice for once so I want to paint outside!

Friday, 19 March 2010

Photo study 6

Trying to get a spacial element into my painting. It didnt work out :S
I wanted to try this photo coz I suck at water, il probably do a few more, didnt feel like I made much progress with this one.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Photo study 5

Was trying to paint this the same as I painted the Frazetta one, its hard!
Didnt quite get the pose but I gota run to college :S

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Frazetta study finished

I applied my new process to this and got it done in about two hours, for bigger studies like this I think I need to speed up alot more again, maybe cut out some things like facial features and focus more on things like lighting and composition which are key for crowd scenes like this one.

Learnt alot from doing this so now I gota do a photo study using what I learned and then FINALLY something from my imagination :) Maybe something from life too, I could put my monitor on the window still maybe

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Life study 4

Took me long enough, had to restart this one twice. All the tones are very much the same, dimly lit and the only contrast really is between yellow and gray haha
My main problem When starting was, most times il start with a inbetween tone, something I can push up and down to get the image, problem with that when the tones are similar is you get TOO MUCH contrast. So I started by squinting and putting down what I saw. Then I just put down what was standing out to me

Photo study 4

This one took 20 minutes, still got the quickness, usually what happens is Il do a painting really quick or just start gettin stuff right, and then il get all confident and totally forget what it was that made the painting good. So I have to do as many of these little studies while using my current method, so it becomes habit

Monday, 15 March 2010

Photo study 3

We were painting in life drawing today, and it was really really hard for some reason. We used acrylics and the main objective was getting the local tones right while thinking of the warm and cool colours. I wasnt really getting it, and I figured out why at the end of the class. So anyway this digital painting is kind of encapsulating everything Ive learned today, and ive FINALLY painted quick in photoshop and been alright with stuff like leaving patches empty. (prob coz I was beatin it into myself for 5 hours earlier today :P)

TIHS ONLY TOOK 25 MINUTES! and I think it better than the other studies Ive done/half done.

More like this to come hopefully!

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Frazetta study

This was my study for this morning, It was intended to last like a half an hour. I wanted to copy his painting quickly, then a photo of similar subject in his style, and then an imaginative piece. Instead I spent aaaaaaaaages trying to capture the subtle hue/value shifts between light and dark objects..... -_-'
I seriously have to get a hold on this problem of mine, If im in a class I can whip out a fairly good, well observed painting in 15 minutes, the time seems to stretch itself according to how hard I work. But when Im at home with no supervision I stretch the time to suit my slow careful choices and exploration. I think this was brought up in Dave Rapoza's stream the other day, I must go back and listen this time! :P

Pretty though aint it?


Friday, 12 March 2010

Other studies

These first two I did last week in the evening with the beautiful sun shining in on my desk. Unfortunetly the weathers gone back to boring dull grey so I cant really continue those studies haha
The next one of my guitar I did in the morning, the whole room was filled with yellow light but there were patches of duller colors and some with blue tints, I tried to capture that and I think I did ok.
And finally the last one, a photo study. Ive spent around 3 hours on it so far, I really have to try and speed up, I spend ages trying to get everything perfect for the sake of making a nice picture, but that isnt the way to learn :S I feel like the way i started the other photostudy in the previous post is the best way, I used my fucking brain to decipher what I was seeing rather than putting stuff down til I hit something I like.... altough I will admit I started to slip back into that habit again even after seeing the results and speed I got out of the more intuitive approach. Eh yeah hope you enjoy my studies/ get a good laugh out of them :)

PS isnt it interesting how non experienced painters use non saturated colors? Ive noticed this in forums and such, and even in my work, these images actually create a chart of saturation haha (not intentional)

Recent photo study WIP

This is one im working on trying to push myself to keep all the values relative!
Too many unposted posts! Il be posting more studies ive been doing later, i just keep putting it off :S
Also Il be posting a SHIT LOAD about the character I modelled/rigged and all the pain I went through doing it so get ready to hear me bitch :)