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Friday, 2 July 2010

It was 20 photo studies before! When I couldn't paint the kitchen floor!

I was working on a godzilla remake painting. These are some failed studies before the painting bit. Can you FEEEEL the lack of motivation I had????
Heres what my Idea consisted of. A godzilla of bugs basically. Nothing to special about the godzilla itself really. Basically just a monitor lizrd/Komodo dragon standing upright with a bit of extra spikes or something. I wanted to make the foliage look like a little city. It would have been awesome but I just wasnt feeling it. Maybe il pick it up later.
Saw that lots of people will do morning sketches that are basically letting your brain invent and not getting too caught up in thinking of what youre doing so I thought id try. Theres so much to cultivate to become pro :S
First study from life for a long time, it was hard to say the least.
Some pose studies, click to see closer.
Photo study from this morning, fuckin ROCKED this one! Super quick too! I took more time in the begining stages than I have been doing lately. It paid off later when I was able to be more expressionistic or whatever you wana call it.
" Whos in my garden???"
After I finished the photo study I was naming it and I realised it was no.20. I thought that was worth mile stoning. Is that an expression? :P anyway! I did it. Unfortunatly photoshop cant count and actually ive done 24 photostudies so far, but sshhhhhh!

Im working on a ChOW this week again, but Il just post everything with the finished product on sunday. If I get there!


  1. damn man, your copy skills are through the roof bro! Loving where that godzilla pic was headin' although I kinda think that people just wanna see Godzilla destroyin cities, but as a piece of it's I'd be really cool. Lookin forward to CHOW stuff, I think you'll really benefit from doing those, those photo studies seem to get too easy for you

  2. lol I should proofread my comments..."as a piece of it's own, it'd be really cool"...

  3. lol yes you should, it makes sense now haha. Skills in copying photos only take me so far :P Who wants to pay someone to copy something lol

  4. maybe you should look at an image and go.."hey wouldn't it be cool if"..and then paint that alternate image, which is basically a heavy referenced image then.

  5. eh nah. thats close to what I do for illustrations anyway :P I think copying exactly whats there has its advantages. Painting from imagination gets very slippery, its hard to tell whats realistic