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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Some dudes for a change

Studying anatomy is fun lately :D
Going to do more mma pics like this, mainly gesture stuff. Man I wish I could train my art as hard as these guys train their bodies! So inspiring.
Heres where im at with this weeks ChoW (CharacterOfTheWeek). Im fairly into it at this stage! Having started on monday helped so much! Oh and the theme is Father Time, or the grim reaper. I thought of a nightmarish hallucination sort of thing. I dunno when I read the brief I thought, I am sooooo not doing the old man in the robe shit, I mean my idea isnt totally different to that. But what I dont want to get into is like the hollywood Idea of something. I just wanted something fresh. And when I think of an old demon whos job it is to collect souls for eternity, I think of some horrifying beyond the imaginable. Its like hollywood has always portrayed aliens as being humanlike, which is the most retarded thing, from a scientific stand point. If there is aliens, they could be absolutely anything, they could be orbs of light or some shit. They wont have noses and ears haha. But of course the reason hollywood portrays as humans is to make them relatable, so I kept that in mind too when doing this.... thing. RANT OVER.
Heres the fucking image.


  1. father time certainly is creepy, especially those legs.

    it's funny you mention the Hollywood version, i tend to think of that first, in the case of this week's CHOW, i had the idea of sort of updating father time to to a sort of gritty real world version of himself, as is so popular in Hollywood atm.

  2. haha hes got the legs of a model. Yeah that would be a cool Idea, Id probably just make it too similar though and end up with a typical version :S