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Saturday, 31 July 2010

I got a new game. Not good for my work rate....

Baby Bangling
really bad self portrait I did yesterday, I had no mojo! I just played starcraft 2 all day. (Im not winking btw :D)
Painting WAY better today! I feel rejuvenated!
Always painted to make a painting like this! :D I think I can do alot more than I think, I just have to get my head in the right place.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Some dudes for a change

Studying anatomy is fun lately :D
Going to do more mma pics like this, mainly gesture stuff. Man I wish I could train my art as hard as these guys train their bodies! So inspiring.
Heres where im at with this weeks ChoW (CharacterOfTheWeek). Im fairly into it at this stage! Having started on monday helped so much! Oh and the theme is Father Time, or the grim reaper. I thought of a nightmarish hallucination sort of thing. I dunno when I read the brief I thought, I am sooooo not doing the old man in the robe shit, I mean my idea isnt totally different to that. But what I dont want to get into is like the hollywood Idea of something. I just wanted something fresh. And when I think of an old demon whos job it is to collect souls for eternity, I think of some horrifying beyond the imaginable. Its like hollywood has always portrayed aliens as being humanlike, which is the most retarded thing, from a scientific stand point. If there is aliens, they could be absolutely anything, they could be orbs of light or some shit. They wont have noses and ears haha. But of course the reason hollywood portrays as humans is to make them relatable, so I kept that in mind too when doing this.... thing. RANT OVER.
Heres the fucking image.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Back to boobs

I knew this would be a fun one since I first saw the photo :S
Took it further then I wanted to but hey! it was fun.
Is this habit of painting white backgrounds, or rather not painting the background for photo studies a bad habit? Ive done it twice now..

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I was sick, now im better : )

Creature Ideas for DSG (I was still sick when I did these :P)
Daily sketch group entry
Photo study
William Bouguereau Master study. I. Fucking. LOVE Bouguereau!!
And this weird little guy I painted as an Idea for a "Wind Waker" style 3d character im making in 3DsMax.

So after a week of being painfully sick what have I learned... Dont get sick! Its fucking awful, you want to paint, but you cant! But whats interesting is that I didnt stop doing this habit Ive had for, as long as I can remember Ive always been doing it. Im always observing things and If say Ive been painting alot Il think "how would I paint that" just about anything. Sometimes I think its more benificial than actually physically painting lol. Theres been times where I havent painted for a long time and when I do paint again im some how a little better! :S Amazing. Anyway since I was sick and couldnt paint execpt in my head, I thought Id watch some one else paint. So I went on MassiveBlack and got the Brad Rigney download. Recommend it!! Its like 4 and a half hours long and after watching that everytime I went to mentally paint heh. Id be painting like Brad! He uses the smudge tool all the time and so Id be thinking, "now how would I smudge that" lol. Anyway when I tried it on those creature designs and the pigeon photo study I found I had it DOWN. So thats my little lesson for today haha. EVEN IF YOURE SICK YOU SHOULD STILL BE PAINTING.... in your head!

Not being able to work SUCKS

Last sunday after I finished the ChoW I realised I was getting a cold. By monday my head was trobbing! So All last week I couldnt do ANY work! It was seriously the worst.... And now Im finding it hard to get back into my routine which is even worse.

Ive finally got around to doing my own paintover of the last ChoW. Because after doing it and immidiately realising ALL the mistakes I made I thought I shouldnt just leave it and say lesson learned. I want to make this image work!
The three main things that went wrong were:
Didnt paint it thinking of how it would come across to others
Never got around to the second light source
Started everything off very dark expecting to build up, but that led everything to be very muted down and uninteresting
So heres what ive fixed so far. It can still go farther. I feel like If I can make this one perfect that will help me in future paintings. Also it will hopefully improve my eye for errors.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

The New Pirate AirShip Captain

Vlad worked with a vicious air pirate group for ten years to gain there trust. He gained his way to the rank of number two man of the captain. Before a battle with there enemies he silently killed the captain and all witnesses. He even had crew members on his side. He gave the rest of the crew a story of an attack by there rivals and since he was the no.2 guy, the decision to make him the new leader was unanimous.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Studies and personal work

A daily sketch group sketch! About an hour on this one
Frank Frazetta study, RIP.

Studying Bridgman and Vilppu this morning.

And the character im working on this week for ChoW.
"As a respected member of the Sky Pirates for more than ten years, it was obvious that after the previous captain suffered an “unfortunate accident” in battle, (s)he would take up the leadership of the pirate crew. Behold the new Captain of the Sky Pirates: feared by his/her opponents, admired by his/her crew!"
My idea for this image/character is that althugh hes a well respected member of the air pirate group, hes a devious dude and he kills the previous leader during battle because he knows he would be the obvious choice to take over. You can see him in my last image putting on armor, thats suppose to be the armor that the leader wears and so every other peiece of clothing hes wearing im going to make very raggy and battle worn, to contrast and also to show a little more the story behing the image. And thats the dead old captain on the left who I dont know what to do with yet, I might just have him in a tshirt and boxers to really make sure the point gets across that my main character is after taking his armor :P. Well see, im still sketching and working out composition.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Monday, 5 July 2010


Heres my work from ChoW 203. I spent too long in the development stage and only starting the actual painting stage the day OF submission :P Big mistake! I forgot you only get one week to finish.
Heres where I am now with the finished painting. ABout to start :S
I will finish it though.


Happy now?

Friday, 2 July 2010

It was 20 photo studies before! When I couldn't paint the kitchen floor!

I was working on a godzilla remake painting. These are some failed studies before the painting bit. Can you FEEEEL the lack of motivation I had????
Heres what my Idea consisted of. A godzilla of bugs basically. Nothing to special about the godzilla itself really. Basically just a monitor lizrd/Komodo dragon standing upright with a bit of extra spikes or something. I wanted to make the foliage look like a little city. It would have been awesome but I just wasnt feeling it. Maybe il pick it up later.
Saw that lots of people will do morning sketches that are basically letting your brain invent and not getting too caught up in thinking of what youre doing so I thought id try. Theres so much to cultivate to become pro :S
First study from life for a long time, it was hard to say the least.
Some pose studies, click to see closer.
Photo study from this morning, fuckin ROCKED this one! Super quick too! I took more time in the begining stages than I have been doing lately. It paid off later when I was able to be more expressionistic or whatever you wana call it.
" Whos in my garden???"
After I finished the photo study I was naming it and I realised it was no.20. I thought that was worth mile stoning. Is that an expression? :P anyway! I did it. Unfortunatly photoshop cant count and actually ive done 24 photostudies so far, but sshhhhhh!

Im working on a ChOW this week again, but Il just post everything with the finished product on sunday. If I get there!