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Friday, 27 January 2012

Saturday, 21 January 2012


First off got this new painting entitled Swamp Hunter. This was quite challenging but I stuck with it and im happy with the results, I learned alot that Il make sure to employ in future paintings to puch myself even further, Ideally I should start this painting over using everything Ive learned. But I think its better to keep moving rather than redoing the same painting over and over.

Sketches I did while working on swamp hunter.

New Project started. As part of the Crimson Daggers Bloodsports challenge Il be designing a toy from I made up 80s cartoon show and painting the box art for the character I choose. There were three titles to choose from, I went with Legends of Lizards. For info on my made up show about the Reptile Rangers, see below :D

Not so much a thumbnail, but just brainstorming. After I do a few more smaller color sketches Il do the sketch thumbnails and then the linework and so on. 
I like the pose in the second one but the colors in the first.
 Study Im working on to get some knowledge on Iguanas before I render.
 Realistic projection of what Gecko Gary might look like :)


Drew some action poses from comics to help with myself coming up with cool poses.

Face studies I did a while back.

Il just type out my notes on "Legends of Lizards" exactly, for anyone who is actually interested in that haha.

The Reptilian Rangers, who include Ivan Iguana, Gecko Gary, Mindy Mosasaur, Komodo master Ken, and others.
all get their powers from an ancient lizard artifact that connects their world to the human world. Their weakness is   which turns them back into normal sized lizards.
The story is set in the lizards dimension, accessed by a group of kids who stumble on the ancient artifact of the human world...
The arch enemy of the Reptile Rangers is Thorny Devil, who is always trying to steal the ancient lizard artifact to try and take over the human world with his Devilish henchmen.
The Reptile Rangers get their counsel from an old master called Komodo master Ken. And anytime the heroes seem to be caught by Thorny Devil or one of his henchmen, who always seem to grab their tails, the Rangers just detach their tail and escape, to later grow their tail back. (this happens like every episode).

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Yep, another self portrait!

 Study of a scene from The Never Ending Story.