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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Im soooooo motivated!..... NOT

Still got work to do on this one.


  1. HAHAA, i know the account thing but its way cooler to stay mysterious ;D Yeah i know, i first thought of a cloverleaf cse of ireland and then just the date and maybe a line from one the songs, but ive gone crazy with all the ideas i have. Like at the moment my favorite idea is a native american feather, that would symolise all cool indian stuff, like freedom, creativity etc and the same time it could be "free as a bird" or "norwegian wood, this bird has flown" and then behind the feather you could see written "limitless undying love which shines upon me like a million suns"! How does that sound ?

    I actually received an email from him yesterday, hes having fun and dont wanna return to ireland ever again ;P Weird, cse i want to!! Hes planning on to travel in september alot like maybe FINLAAAAND! By the way you should be here right now, weve got freaking 30 C its so hot! You cant even leave the house its so hooot.

    I think its so cool that you can paint like that, im not so very good at drawing. I draw pretty nice horses though! I will start to study religion, im really interested in like all these ancient cultures and beliefs not some boring christianity but all these eastern things and old tribes and everyhing! Itll be so cool, cant wait.

    Nice alien you got there! I like his legs, though they dont beat pauls <3

    -Your new best friend Annika the Anonymous

  2. It's a shame to see you leave the whole storytelling aspect out of your entry this week, I really enjoyed last weeks Chow, but I think Ugga Ugga still holds the crown as your best netry so far. I love his enormously long beard, but it would've been cool if he had some midget carrying the end of it, so that he doesnt trip over it :) If I like next weeks' topic I'm gonna do one up aswell.

  3. Anonymous person - For all I know this might not be Annika! Maybe its Ronan playing a joke on me! haha. I like those Ideas, thats a really cool quote too! You need to write down all the Ideas you get and narrow them down till you find the best one. Oh cool good to know hes having fun! Hes doing MORE travelling?? Doesnt he have college! And wheres this money coming from haha. Oh I wish I was, its not very nice here lately. We get some nice weather mid day sometimes but its mainly wet and windy.
    Drawing takes alot of practice to get good, so dont feel bad hehe. Its not a Ive got talent and you dont thing! Its a, Ive been practicing for years thing :D Wow that sounds really interesting! In the back of my mind I always wished I could study something like that, acient civilisations or science, it seems like people that know that stuff are just so much more in tune with the earth then regular people. Wow I sounded like a hippy there!
    Thanks but I beefed them up in the final image hehe. Pauls got skin on his sooooo... :D

    Dave - Ah now Dave would I do that? I had it in my head the whole time I just never got around to it because I was trying to get the lighting n stuff right. I added a little story..ish, in the final image. Yeah Ugga ugga was pretty cool haha! HAHA a midget holding his beard? lol See this is why I ask your advice! This weeks ChoW is Hacker! I think you could get into that!? This week to really make my piece likeable Im going to constantly think "what do I want to see?". Because I feel like it doesnt matter how well I get the lighting or rendering, theres something else im just not getting! My Death character got 1 lousy fucking vote! Ugh im not going to get into that... :P.