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Sunday, 11 July 2010

The New Pirate AirShip Captain

Vlad worked with a vicious air pirate group for ten years to gain there trust. He gained his way to the rank of number two man of the captain. Before a battle with there enemies he silently killed the captain and all witnesses. He even had crew members on his side. He gave the rest of the crew a story of an attack by there rivals and since he was the no.2 guy, the decision to make him the new leader was unanimous.


  1. Nice!

    however, it feels like there is less emphasis on the figure than the background, which is painted beautifully btw. IMO, these pieces should be all about the character, the scene and bg are a distant second.

    i do like the concept as a whole. i really like the guy's face. the lack of eyebrows freaks me out, though i kinda want to see more of a hint of the "Air" part of the concept shine through in the character himself.

  2. Likin the rich colors Marc =) The sky is awesome though the anatomy is a little wonky in places.

  3. Will - Man I fucked up the execution on this one so bad. My goal was to show off the character, I dont know what happened. But it made me realise something really important, I dont know how to make my paintings appealing to others. Up til this point ive just been hoping it happens in a piece lol. After a week of having the flu and not being able to work im determined to get good at that aspect of my work.
    Any suggestions on making the air pirate part more clear? I cant think of anything :P

    Nathan - Thanks man :D Yeah, I wish anatomy could be random and sporadic like clouds. But it has to be so percise lol. To be honest I wasnt too worried Because Im just focusing on what I can do right at this point and if I get something wrong Il know to go and study it for future paintings :)