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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Layout WUPs

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Edit: (ok for some reason blogger wont let you view the really wide images at there full size......fuck it!)

First two are the same layout, just two ways to view, maybe you dont want to scroll to the right..... lazy prick.....
This one should be finished soon. Probably one more session of working on it and im done.

This one should be done already! But its pretty close to being finished. Its nothing too fancy.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Movie still studies

Slug dragon painted for the DSG
Just some rendering practice
Quick weird thumbnail painting
Quick Self portrait
Painting I started for a challenge on DeviantArt
Painting for the DSG
Painting for the daily sketch group. I used a limited pallete but I dont think it really helped me. I need to do more to figure out how a limited pallete can help me. Maybe some quick color experiments wit no detail.
Master study of Il'ya Repin.
For this I tried something thats been on my mind since before christmas! I got my color wheel and made a gamut mask, so I knew exaclty the hues Id be using and what I wouldnt. And then I made a digital color palete for myself with 10 rows of brightness and chroma. I found the colors I needed for the piece alot quicker and also because everything was numbered I feel like I got a better understanding. I hope to do alot more of these. If I get the time
Sketches for a layout im working on

The Layout. My theme is desert. Its very different now, and more completed. Il probably update tomorow again with that.
Heres what we do on monday mornings! :D , sarcastic smile.
Some sketchin for my new animation assignment
Its to animate two characters in a dialogue. I chose Merlin and Dopey and the scene from anchorman where Ron throws a burrito out his window at the biker :D
So Merlin from "the sword in the stone" will be playing Ron Burgandy, and
Dopey from "snow white and the seven dwarfs" will play the angry biker haha.

Cant post the storyboard yet coz vimeos totally gay and is making me wait 2 hours!

Life drawing.

Been making little maquettes out of plastecine for the last while. Some for reference and some just for fun.

This Pink Panther maqeutte I made for reference when I was animating him. It helped alot!

This guy is in my Jump animation. Il probably post that on here If I havent already, If I decided to paint the layout I did for it, or maybe Il just have the lines. Yeah when I finish up that layout which is of the market in jerusalem il include the animation of this fat guy jumping over the fence.
Did a short stop motion of this guy chewin a carrot :P

Started the maquette for Dopey. Havent touched it in about a week. He holds my hair ties on his head like rambo.
Looks too sophiticated to be Dopey!
Drawing I did while watching Ayn Rand talk.

Tree outside the flat. First and only time Ive used the A5 sketchbook I got for composition sketches.
Doodles from class.

Heres some rough drawings for a storyboard Im working on. Its going to be a short film about a man used by scientists for experimental drugs. Im planning to do it all in photoshop, except for the drawing. There wont be much animation, I want to create nice visuals.
We all had to base our story on these four lines.
I eat my peas with honey
Ive done it all my life
They do taste kind of funny
But it keeps them on the knife.
:P Dont ask me how I got to experimental drug testing!

Started this on saturday night, was suppose to be just a sketch but I got carried away. The topic was zodiac warrior. So can you guess what my star sign is? Il probably finish this but the deadlines already gone by.

Yet another challenge on ConceptArt. This ones an environment. Orrery room. Apart from that its totally open. An orrery room is a room with a mechanism displaying a solar system apparently. Never knew there was a name for it. I was thinking, steam punk first of all. And I imagined two characters walking up the stairs, one introducing the other to the machine. Maybe One dominant light source from the left, a spot light, like hes just turned on the lights. Then I could use moon light and monitor light for the rest.