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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Back at college, post rate will drop :S

 Warm up sketches

 Dad hosing down the tiles outside!
 Figures studies in the sun at college, these were fun.

 Trying to draw really fast! So many people run by our window every day, its great!

 Gurls :<3
 Memory sketch
 Semi blind drawing from class
 Work in Progress. Im cute-ifing characters from SC2. Im very happy with the colors and lighting so far.

 Summer project for college/ reason I fell out of my habit of posting.
Click for detail. Lots of detail!
 Some caricatures

 My new pc! WOO, my cousin helped me build it, well he did most of the work.

 This self portrait is at least 2 months old :S
Click to view animation

Monday, 13 September 2010

Another art related post

Im getting increasingly pissed off with my long hair. Specifically in the front, when it gets in my face I just wana cut it all off! But when I think of not having long hair im torn because ive always wanted long hair and I still do. The other day I was trying to think of a comprimise and after alot of thought I came up with the dreadlock mullet! haha. Id still have long hair, that I wouldnt have to worry about as much( no more fucking frizz) and Id also have short hair in the front, which is so much easier and practical. Now the only problem is not knowing if it would look TOO mullet-ey. Another problem is that when my hair is medium length, its really curly, so it might look stupid. :S

So this is what I do when I dont paint. >_<

Sunday, 12 September 2010

BLog coming back soon.


Am I right?

I had a reason to not post for about two weeks because of a college project but its been like a month. When ever things build up like this I really dont want to post them all...Ive cleared up all my college/apartment/computer mess so theres nothing holding me back but procrastination now :S. Hopefully this little explanation will relieve some guilt. Also this should help.