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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Imaginative painting 2 + 3

Study of clothes and imaginative stuff


  1. funny, I'm gonna be working on clothes aswell :D I totally can't draw realistic folds and weight of clothes. Like that second painting man! I noticed you are doing DSGs now aswell? Gonna do one tonight I think

  2. yeah well see I was doing the second one and I came to a point where I couldnt make a desicion about what the pants or jacket were doing, so thats when I did all the clothes studies, and then I came back to it
    I did two yeah just coz it saves me having to think of something to draw PLUS its exposure so :) win win

  3. yeah man! I think DSGs are great, over summer definitly gonna do the big boys, like the character and creature of the week.

  4. I was thinkin of doing the robin hood CHOW there doing now, why not like

  5. damn..don't...cos if you do, you'll make me want to do it too :D