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Friday, 12 March 2010

Other studies

These first two I did last week in the evening with the beautiful sun shining in on my desk. Unfortunetly the weathers gone back to boring dull grey so I cant really continue those studies haha
The next one of my guitar I did in the morning, the whole room was filled with yellow light but there were patches of duller colors and some with blue tints, I tried to capture that and I think I did ok.
And finally the last one, a photo study. Ive spent around 3 hours on it so far, I really have to try and speed up, I spend ages trying to get everything perfect for the sake of making a nice picture, but that isnt the way to learn :S I feel like the way i started the other photostudy in the previous post is the best way, I used my fucking brain to decipher what I was seeing rather than putting stuff down til I hit something I like.... altough I will admit I started to slip back into that habit again even after seeing the results and speed I got out of the more intuitive approach. Eh yeah hope you enjoy my studies/ get a good laugh out of them :)

PS isnt it interesting how non experienced painters use non saturated colors? Ive noticed this in forums and such, and even in my work, these images actually create a chart of saturation haha (not intentional)

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  1. good work dude! I can only say, keep it up man! I missed the chiu stream last night, dammit!