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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Frazetta study

This was my study for this morning, It was intended to last like a half an hour. I wanted to copy his painting quickly, then a photo of similar subject in his style, and then an imaginative piece. Instead I spent aaaaaaaaages trying to capture the subtle hue/value shifts between light and dark objects..... -_-'
I seriously have to get a hold on this problem of mine, If im in a class I can whip out a fairly good, well observed painting in 15 minutes, the time seems to stretch itself according to how hard I work. But when Im at home with no supervision I stretch the time to suit my slow careful choices and exploration. I think this was brought up in Dave Rapoza's stream the other day, I must go back and listen this time! :P

Pretty though aint it?



  1. yeah but it looks super fucking awesome though, I'd say you learned so much from this to bring in your own work.

  2. I did learn something that was kind of a step up, about light hitting far away objects, I kind of already new it but yeah like you said, now Il probably bring it into my work. I actualy used the note tool for the first time when I discovered it :)