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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Imaginative painting 4

Daily sketch group painting, totally from my imagination. Which is why its so crap :)


  1. Well it's not crap at all.
    the colors are amazing, the rendering in general is awesome, and because you put so much detail on the head I am sucked rigth into that part. The only thing that let's this piece down is the pose, it's not strong enough, if he's old and reliant on a walkingstick he should probably lean more into it..easier said then done I know :D

  2. thanks, I have a fairly good process now, its just about bringing in a knowledge of colors mood lighting form etc. But I dont think I have to work on process for a while. Yeah that focus was totally intentional, its not just because of the detail, it is that but also its when im finished everything, I blur everywhere but my focus (the whole creature) then I zoom blur everything but the face, and finally, use sharpen on the details of the face
    Going to practice poses all day, there FAR FAR behind my colors and what not, I wana be on a plane with everything ya know? heh

  3. Are you doing stuff for college aswell though? I sure have a full time job at the moment finishing off all the assignments, gotta get that frontwalk finished today..everyday I get up I think about it and it sucks the life out of me knowing I have to do it hahaha

  4. No Im not and every hour or so it pops into my head and Im like SHIT but then I just push it to the back of my head and its all right again... I have everything I have to do on sticky pieces of paper stuck to the inside of this wooden case I keep paints and what not in, when I open that its guna suck! haha

  5. Yeah I have everything hanging on my wall aswell. I think so far I was only able to tick 2 of the list, sure fuck it :D

  6. I actually dont have THAT much to do, surprisingly. I may be forgetting stuff hmm..
    Did you get the layout brief btw? Im doing bladerunner, guna do studies instead of thumbnails hehe

  7. Well, my list is:
    Layout essay
    VL storyboards
    VL textures
    Life Drawing (expression studies)
    3D Build face model
    History of animation essay
    Animation Sac keys
    2 days Zoo sketching
    Script 60 points