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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Imaginative painting 01

After the Frazetta study I wanted to try something from my imagination, I hadn't done this in a long time, so it was fun but also really really hard. Well at first it was easy, but after a while I just kept hitting walls. So now I know where to improve
I really should have been doing more imaginative paintings, it really fuels my desire to learn more. Lately I had been feeling like why the hell am I learning all this stuff, light, colors, composition etc. I forgot why I started painting in the first place.
But the really crap thing is, even though the last year and a half at college Ive learnt a load of stuff, I haven't been applying it to anything that isn't just observation, so when its just me and the paper, no ref... im fucked basically!


  1. you're getting there man! Great studies anyway, but yeah copying things is completely different then doing things from the mind, keep two sketchbooks. One from the mind and one for referenced studies. Practice practice and more practice! :D

  2. great work!

    looks as thought those studies are paying off, keep it up. it's inspiring to watch the process

  3. Dave thats not a bad idea, my main hang up about doing a study from imagination would be I dont want to draw conceptual drawings in my figure studies sketchbook haha, but I guess il just have to kick my ass on that one!

    Thanks Will, Im glad you think so, its hard to see your own improvment sometimes. I like what your doing with your colored caricatures, really cool!