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Monday, 15 March 2010

Photo study 3

We were painting in life drawing today, and it was really really hard for some reason. We used acrylics and the main objective was getting the local tones right while thinking of the warm and cool colours. I wasnt really getting it, and I figured out why at the end of the class. So anyway this digital painting is kind of encapsulating everything Ive learned today, and ive FINALLY painted quick in photoshop and been alright with stuff like leaving patches empty. (prob coz I was beatin it into myself for 5 hours earlier today :P)

TIHS ONLY TOOK 25 MINUTES! and I think it better than the other studies Ive done/half done.

More like this to come hopefully!


  1. lol, pretty wierd reference image. Why did you stop after 25 mins I wonder? Anyway that's the spirit, keep going !

  2. you misinterpret me alot Dave haha!
    I didnt stop after 25 minutes specifically, I was just done, I said all I wanted to. It wasnt really a busy photo, just simple, thats why I chose it