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Monday, 14 June 2010

photo study 19

I was at Paul McCartney on saturday!!! I saw a Beatle. .... Im still trying to come back to reality, I dont know what the fuck is going on. I thought a photo study might help. Rock on Paul, god damn hes still got it.


  1. no way? Haha so the youtube adverts sold u on that huh ;) That's awesome!

  2. No :P I wanted to go last october but I thought the tickets would be sold out so I didnt reply to my friend who was getting tickets, I found out later he had gone and it was awesome. So I HAD to get these tickets as soon as I found out about em. It was too fuckin good man I wana go back!!! ha

  3. It was the fucking catalina wine mixer. I miss you guys so much already. You have to come to finland some time.

  4. lol hey Annika! :D I was like "woah thats weird this random person knows the wine mixer thing.... oh wait its probably Annika". Its not the same in Sligo without ya :) When Paul plays in Finland(and he will after seeing your flag) me and Ronan will go over!