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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A few bits n bobs

First up is this imaginative painting ive been doing, its going to go through alot before its done. I may even scrap everything and redo it. Ive just gotten a fairly long crit on ConceptArt which I havent actually read yet but hopefully that will help because Ive been looking for some advice on composition. Also I think I might try making a fake brief and deadline for myself, why not right?

This was a 10 minute or so opener for an animation test I put up on youtube. It was a college project, to animate a character walking, front view. I chose to draw a frog man for some reason :P A funny thing about it is, when I was done. I started bobbing my head and I found myself humming stayin alive by the beegees, long story short I put it behind the animation. check it out : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuSwx-XEiDg

Sketches using references, just for fun. Drawing from life or ref is always so much more relaxing for me, I think its because I know the result will be ok at worst and I can make believe I created something :)

Cool exercise I tried following some ones advice on CA. I drew once from ref, and then from my head in a different position and adding to it. (click image to see bigger)
MEGA BOARD! Painting outside is annoying for me :P the tubes are everywhere, I have to hold up a board, its uncomfortable. And it just sucks basically. SO I need some board that has everything right there and its so sturdy all I need to worry about is getting the brush into the paint and then onto the page. When you gota hold the pallete as your taking paint and all that crap it just breaks the concentration.


  1. aah! New template! Love it! Haha your walkcycle was taken from youtube for copyright infringement of the song haha Cool drawing of frogman with giant sac!

  2. what?? but I can still view it :P I got an email but all they said was it belonged to WMG, they didnt say they would take it down :P

  3. maybe you can view it, but I cant

  4. Hahaa, youre not lazy after all, you actually paint! Im very proud of you these are great, but you should definitely draw a turtle. I know that you are crying yourself to sleep without me (i have that affect on people), but ill be back sooner than you think! Too bad Ronans going to spain though :/ you should come over with him and wed do a roadtrip in finland, playing only the beatles. Id love to talk with you some time, but you just seem to play very hard to get.

  5. ps, i thought the title said boobs.

  6. haha, yeah you caught me, I am playing hard to get you see I want to keep you on your toes :P I dont use facebook or anything that much. you added me on msn, I can keep that on so I might catch you some time and we can talk about my lack of sleep over you hahaha. I would LOVE to drive around finland singing yellow submarine for everybody! Il make sure it doesnt cut out next time haha! thanks for the compliment but that really isnt alot, Ive been finding it really hard to get back into my usual routine since the McCartney tour :P but thanks still :D