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Friday, 25 June 2010

Paul the Neanderthal

Did my first master study in a good while, I pulled a brain muscle tryin to figure it out!
Figuring out a pose for my cave man character

Figuring out what he wears.

Now hes looking good :D
I really enjoyed all the research and different Ideas I had to come up with to get here, that makes me think even more that Illustration may be my path. But knowing me theres a chance I might get sick of it.. I have to get a handle on that soon! :P

Sketched up a quick background, I wanted it to be colorful and bright. But that may not suit the character Im putting across. He is a fierce warrior, but he is also ugly, and since this is aimed at a game featuring many characters of near equal strength, Id say hes more of a villian/ henchman type character.
But I already sketched the bg haha Now im getting lazy... It has been a long day... maybe tommorow il feel like changing it :S

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