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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Cave man update


  1. you're going places bro. I especially love the background, but you can tell that the background was an afterthought, it looks like he's a miniture on display in a museum, you should've thought of story before rushing in this one I think. I would've imagined him maybe ina cave, with his wife behind him, and he's shouting there to protect his woman and space. Still that doesnt take away from a nice product here, you're doing al the right things and you have a goal in mind. how much time do u have to finish?

  2. thanks man haha. It wasnt so much as an after thought as just like, I wanted it to look cool but to take away no attention from the character. I had thought of story but to include that into the background would have taken me ages, Im really slow with bgs :P My Idea for him, and the part he would have in the game was hes like a champion hunter of pre historic times, but hes an evil dick and doesnt get on with anyone, and he fucks all the women in the tribe but hes infertile lol. I wanted to finish last night but I had to go out for a meal, then a party :P and now im about to start at 1, and its my birthday today haha so I cant be painting through my party ...... I guess.