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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Lucky Self Portrait no. 10000000000000

Piece of crap. I F'd up so bad, just not drawing well today...
ANYWAY, this is the face I make when im doing life drawing apparently. When Im super concentrated, and then I look over to Adrían and hes just laughing at me haha.


  1. lol don't be such a humble fella. This is awesome, easily one of the most impressive pieces I've seen. What medium is that?

  2. no no im not being humble it really is a piece of crap haha, I was having a shit time trying to get this out. Its conte again, and the point on the conte was such a way that every time I thought I was drawing a line, the line was 1cm above where I thought I drew it >:( It pissed me off so much! I ended up doing a lot of drawing by just rubbing the page with a kitchen towel

    oh and the mouths too big, even though by my points it was right. I think there was a bit of weird perspective on the photo, which I dont like drawing :P