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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Layne Yeshmin Yogs

I didnt notice it right away but ive been painting alot of youtubers lately haha.
It started with this painting, its a video game news show and they always have nice lighting. I think the main guy Layne Pavoggi is usually a lighting guy.
Game station
This one happened because Greg Benson of mediocrefilms was doing a live stream as his character Yeshmin Blechin. Hes hilarious. I decided to paint him while he was doing it for the craic. I sent it to him he said he might show it in his next video lol :D
Mediocre films
Yeah now this one is a little bigger in work load and ALOT nerdier. Its also only a work in progress btw. Ive only been watching these guys videos for a week but there hilarious and instantly got me hooked on this game MineCraft.
So I decided to do them a painting that is half realistic and half minecraft looking, with caricatures of themselves of course.

Off the top of my head sketch. Going to do more of these, just to explore how form and lighting works. Its completely different when theres no reference you have to work from intuition mainly.

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