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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Watercolor goodness and other stuff.

First is a watercolor study of a sculpture.
Then these little stamp sized watercolors Ive started which I really enjoy, and they dont take very long. There even quicker since I got the watercolor pencils, though Im not very comfortable with them yet.
I got the Idea for them from James Gurneys blog. Which is really a great blog, just so interesting. And frequent! Which makes me think I whould be doing alot more, considering how much busier he is than me!!

Some photos I took this week. I have so many photos that I just havent gotten around to correcting and posting. I really want to but at the same time its just not a priority. I saw these three and I got Ideas for them right away so I just did it.

I just want to say im NOT this droopy faced lol. It was a mistake from the sketch phase I didnt spot right away, but I kept it because its got that religous stain glass window figure look haha. I mean regarding the porportions of course.
Anyway for the first time I feel like I got the lighting right in low light conditions, I really struggle with that. I like things to be clear, I wish I lived somewhere really sunny .

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