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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Zombies, Silent film, and a Fat Sailor Skipping.

 This is roughly what I might look like after the zombie outbreak....

 Idra sketch
 Laurel and Hardy

Charlie Chaplin

Ive started watching Laurel and Hardy, and Chaplin films. All the acting  is done with no words, its amazing.  Well theres talking in Laurel and Hardy but not much. Many animations today rely on words to communicate whats going on, but they shouldnt have to.  The other day, to demonstrate why a part of my animation of the skipping guy was wrong, my lecturer covered the legs by putting his hand in front of the screen. I then saw that the problem didnt lie there, but in the legs. What If I was animating a character where he was also talking, and I turned off the sound, would it still communicate the same thing. Thats what I want to get out of this. This could also be carried into Illustration. I also love the shapes that are made by the actors, even when Laurel and Hardy are just standing there doing nothing there doing something interesting!

And now a small update on my animation.

Skip Animation WIP 2 from Marc McCabe on Vimeo.

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