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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Online Portfolio

Ever wanted to see all my work in one convenient, easy to use place? WELL NOW YOU CAN :D .... sorry, heres the link: Web-Folio
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  1. Hey man, sorry I wasnt in touch for a while, been kinda too busy and..lazy ;) Seems like a good portfolio site, we should meet up some time soon for coffee n sketchin'?

  2. yeah definetely, and no prob I understand :) Maybe some time next week, maybe michal and some others will want to come see ya!

  3. Nice portfolio Marc :). Nice and clean.
    I don't know if you will use to apply for a job or something like that but here are some tips that helped me :): Only place max 10 of your best works from each category and when applying, concentrate your portfolio around the company or position you're applying for.

  4. thanks for the tips! Im not looking for a job right now, I just wanted to have it set up so when I do decide to look its there. Also Il probably be getting rid of the self portrait section and putting in animation.
    Do you think its important to show employers commitment to one area? or knowledge in many?