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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Photo study 28

Every now and then I begin to think, whats the point of doing studies! This either means Im getting bored of them, or, Im not being challenged by them. I think rearranging my approach to them will solve both problems. This one was fun but old men are always fun.


  1. WIII! Im so happy you like it Marc! Cse like everyone (even Ronan) is like "mm well if you like it..." So its kinda boring no one supporting me on this coolest project ever! And people keep asking me why i want to decorate myself with another persons face, it isnt just that you know! It has so much more to it, i dont even see their faces as faces more like symbols for something or something. I hope i get to show my becoming tat to you soon in real life!

    But how are you ?

  2. Whatttt?? I dont know, maybe they just need to see it, and then theyll know its awesomeness! I sketched out an Idea I had for your tattoo, Il send to you in an email. It incorporates the piano Paul used at the end of the gig and a bit of the sgt peppers emblem. Why are you coming to Ireland? Am I going to Finland?? haha Im good, looking for apartments and doing work for college etc. Heres a little recent happening for ya. I did no work at all wednesday, thursday, friday (friend had a free house :S) and then, saturday comes and Im like OK I gota do SOOOO much work today to make up for it! So im at the pc and my mum comes in, and shes like, you know its grannys birthday today, were all going to hers for the day! And im like UGGHHH why didnt you tell me a few days agoooo!! And she said because I taught if I told you ahead of time you wouldnt go. So basically I spend the whole day bored and very unhappy. Except when my grandad made jokes coz hes hilarious! Hmmm when I type that out it seems really boring haha