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Friday, 13 August 2010



  1. im very disappointed in you marc for not comin to finland :(

  2. Will - thanks man! I have Vilppu to thank for that :P

    Annika - Sorry I cant so close to college, im not sure whats happening and I dont want to be away just incase :( I dont know what Ronan told ya but honestly If I could Id be over there in a flash!

  3. Oh i see, ronan just said that youre lame :D what you said comforts me ^^ i totally understand, it would have been so much fun ! I hope i can come and visit ireland soon, but i hit a house with a car so i have to pay for it, which means i dont have that much money :D

  4. Yeah he would say something like that. It would have, and I seriously need a vacation :( but alas! Its not to be. Oh no is the house ok? haha. Sorry to hear about that, did you get the tattoo by the way? I never heard back from ya

  5. heyheyhey marcsiemarc, the tattoo is Grrreat! its very nice, ronans gona see it tomorrow and you wont :( im a bit sad. But maybe ill come there again next year. I have to pay like 800e for the fucking house !! im screwed. Whats up there otherwise ? How are you ?

    Your best finnish friend

  6. Heya, yeah im so pissed about that. But I had to register for my course today and well.. my passports expired so I dont think theyd let me go ha. Shit that sucks! Everythings cool here, moved into new apartment, starting college soon, got the call last night saying I was through to year 2 :D

    PS: Hello Ronan! :D

  7. Hei Marc! Ronan here, how is Ireland? We are having a house party and a lot of drunk finnish people, annika is sitting beside me but she is LIke super SUPER drunk.. Tis quite the show, she says that she misses you, and her an tuomas are going to come to Ireland and Marys and party on like Wayne and Garft

  8. Hey Ronan & Annika! Ireland is good! I got into college :) I wish I was super super drunk and beside you too :( haha cool party on guys....


    we were watching that the other day thats weird.
    If you guys are drinking again someone has to have a drink for me.