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Monday, 15 February 2010

Figure drawings

Trying out a new style, after seeing http://berkolounger.livejournal.com/185910.html#cutid1
I was feeling totally demoralised, I kept thinking I wish I could draw like that, so I said fuck it if I dont try Il keep thinking I cant do it.
Ive posted every drawing I did trying to figure it out(not including the copies). Even the first shit ones. I think I really improved. My last 5 drawings are pretty good I think.
At first It was hard to think about any of the things I usually do when drawing the figure. Composition, scale, proportions, structure etc. All I could think of was getting that look. The secret to it for me was not actually drawing what I saw, but characterising it. I would just glance at the photo ref, and then do my own thing.
Photo ref : http://www.characterdesigns.com/index.php?sitepage=photosets