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Thursday, 22 November 2012


Mech sketch


  1. YooOOO! Brother Marc! I had nearly given up on you! But I see you've been back in action again doing amazing stuff! God I envy you, but I guess we're both similar. We both just want to get better and better. The level we're at, or the subjects we draw don't matter. We share the same passion for drawing! Cheers to that! :P

  2. HEY :D yeah I was completely lost their for a while, just couldnt get motivated to draw or paint. Scary stuff man.
    But yeah youre totally right, the subjects you like to work on and the way you go about it, its all like generally the same thing. You just have to do what you like. Its simple and yet and the same time its fucking complicated. Because I still havent figured out what I want to do with art yet!!