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Monday, 25 June 2012


Wow didnt think it had been this long since i posted last. Anyway these are recent studies. Except for the drawing of hills in Spain.

I did this landscape study with my left hand, thats why it looks bad.


  1. Why the fuck would you paint with your left hand Haha
    Anyway apart from that amazing work as usual! Especially loving the last 5 painting studies. You're a master at self portraits now :) Any plans for September? Studying or are you going free lance?

  2. Its weird when you use your other hand your not thinking at all about the strokes or the small details etc, made it a lot easier to pick out the colors. It was really hard to select the colors in the color window though haha...
    Glad you like it man, I think its all shite but what can ya do!
    Im working on a long term project with three other people at the moment. Hopefully Il be at that for the foreseeable future, its a cool project. The animator/character designer actually just finished 2nd year in Ballyfermot :) Hes from Sligo too. What are you at yourself?

  3. Well I'm working full time. Trying to get more into drawing though, so I'm attending life drawing classes in Dublin and getting some commissions on the side to draw cartoon characters. I really can't afford though to stop drawing for 4 months and then draw again and then...it really hasn't advanced my abilities :P

  4. yeah drawing skills are unforgiving. Why did you not draw for 4 months?
    Its good that your doing life drawing, I havent done any since college. And there isnt really any classes in Sligo :(