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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Update! 23/10/2011

Mmm sort of got out of the habit of posting there. Never mind! on I go.

Portrait I was working on, kinda boring though so Il probably switch up the lighting....

.. To something more like this.

Iceberg painting I did, fun to do some cel shade stuff.

Acrylic painting I did out the back.



After reading Game of Thrones I had a picture in my head of what the warrior clans of the mountain of the moon where like so I thought Id sketch some Ideas. More of these to come probably.


  1. you sure you have enough in that post?! hahah! awesome stuff! :D

  2. :) Now that you mention it I think I forgot a few things! Oh well, thanks!

  3. Some of that stuff is super awesome. I'm liking those cool ink sketches. Your studies are out of this world. What are you up to lately?

  4. HEY DAVE! :D Thanks man, ink sketches are first with a promarker then a felt pen, fun and easy. Im trying to get freelance jobs man, working on my portfolio. Hopefully will start getting steady work soon! Its bloody hard though. How is college going? I miss it man :(

  5. Hey, your studies are awesome!! Are they from a movie? They look quite interesting...

  6. Hey thanks, eh one is, then two from tv and the others from different places