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Monday, 13 June 2011

Update 13 june 11

When Bobby chiu first started making youtube videos I remember him saying that every morning he would do a master study. Then paint it from memory. And then paint a painting from imagination using what he learned. I think il give that a try for a while. Hopefully I dont tap out too soon.
So heres my first one. A portrait by Anton Azbe.

From memory... good attempt, bad result!
From imagination. I think I need to paint from my imagination even when doing observational work.
I may be too dependent on observing things.

Study of a Rembrandt painting. One on the right is from memory.

More progress on MANNISH the MANLY minotaur.
Just wait until I add the lighting and volcanoes!

Annnnnnd a self portrait. I have trouble not making my face really small.... im working on it.

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