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Saturday, 18 December 2010

em...... yeah!

Anatomy study.

Photo study

Still life

Painted the sculpture my roommate made of my head.

Seven Samurai movie still

New work in progress.
Its an ogre with a Bieber hair-do, what more do ya need?

Character im working on.
Daily sketch group entry.


  1. yoohoooooOoo! Merry christmas bro! That's all looking really tight! 7 samurai is such a cool film!

  2. Hey Marc, good to see you've been busy. Great stuff as always, your figures put me in the mood for some anatomy =) Hope you had a great holiday!

  3. nice!

    i wish my sketchbook was that full :)

    that last cast study is really great too!

    keep it up.

  4. Sorry peeps, I think I imagined I replied to ye :P

    Dave: Happy new years mysterion! Thanks :)

    Nathan: hey! Doin ma best! Sure all you do is figures hehe! You too man.

    Will: Ha, now if I could just do some original pieces I might get a job! :P Thanks :) you too.