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Monday, 13 September 2010

Another art related post

Im getting increasingly pissed off with my long hair. Specifically in the front, when it gets in my face I just wana cut it all off! But when I think of not having long hair im torn because ive always wanted long hair and I still do. The other day I was trying to think of a comprimise and after alot of thought I came up with the dreadlock mullet! haha. Id still have long hair, that I wouldnt have to worry about as much( no more fucking frizz) and Id also have short hair in the front, which is so much easier and practical. Now the only problem is not knowing if it would look TOO mullet-ey. Another problem is that when my hair is medium length, its really curly, so it might look stupid. :S

So this is what I do when I dont paint. >_<


  1. Great thoughts Marc. Dreads are love, but that can be difficult with your curlyburly hair but anyhoo you need to save some of that long hair cse it really suits you! Whats up in college ? Im dying there already, toooo many interesting books to read! And you know what, im gettin a cat! I prefer dogs but in this house youre not allowed to have pets so a dog would be noticed pretty soon so ill just go with a cat. Any name suggestions ?

  2. Hehe thanks, Im STILL not decided. But I was thinking maybe this week I might just get one done in the back. And section it off and everything so incase I wana finish it, it will be even :). College, hmm lets see, theres 24 of us in the class now, which might not seem like alot depending on your college but for us its really crowded :P Its hard to get time with the lecturer, and the other day I had to sit on a desk because all the chairs were gone lol. And Ive got like 5 assignments already! Weird that you said you were getting a cat because the day before I read this post I was saying to my friend I wanted a cat :S But I shouldnt because our apartments very small and I wouldnt want anything to happen to it! How about Martha? ha. Nowhere cat, Sergeant whisker. Speaking of pets I got to walk holly for the first time in two weeks today! :D