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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

First post of the summer break!!!!??!!

Had to take a little break after college finished last week, I was WAY too stressed out. Anyway Ive un-wound now and im ready to get into a routine, there just so much of my art I want to develop I really have to make out a schedule or something. I have more plans but I wont mention them yet in case I end up not doing them haha

So first here is some sketches I did while watching the Vilppu drawing lecture thing, really really awesome lectures, Ive learned SO much already and I hardly watched any of it.
Then a photo study
A sketch I did today using what I learned from Vilppu
Same again but decided to add color, I ended up going over the lines with another layer which could have ended up looking awful but its not bad
Those two drawings show sort of what I want to advance at this summer. Ive been thinking about it for a long time, I want to develop a process of sketch, clean up sketch, line work, colors etc etc. But what ever way I end doing it basically I just want it to be consistent and effective so I can keep doing it and hopefully my original paintings will be more fluid.
Last post is a failed self portrait I did a while back. Again trying to nail down a process, but without lines. By putting down a midtone, working in shadows, then highlights. It failed because I couldnt take it anymore and I strayed from the plan, I got lost and I just couldnt continue, It was taking forever. Il probably do another of the same photo though. Doing line work really helps so I think thats some thing Il do more.

anyway, everything im reffering to is backwards.... I aint changing what I said haha


  1. Good work man!..I havent done anything so far, but I plan to start again today, Btw man, there's a second way of how to upload images into blogger, the one you're doing is the old one. In the new one you just upload all images and then you can pick 1 by 1 which one goes first etc..

  2. thanks, yeah ive started back doing stuff. I always perfer when Im drawing n painting but now its just relaxing and fun rather than stressful and annoying :P
    Your kiddin me about this new way. Did it come out when I wasnt posting? haha or has it been longer :(

  3. Great work:)
    I am a 15 year old english caricaturist and I would love for you to check out and follow my blog:
    Feel free to comment, thanks:)

  4. Hey Toby, wow I was NOT at your level at 15 haha. You have a great start if you keep a constant stream of studies XD
    If your looking for practice with caricatures a great place I found last year (and Im about to start posting there again) is The drawingBoard http://www.drawingboard.org/viewtopic.php?t=25023&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=6150
    This thread in particular, you do caricatures of the photos posted on there, and along with that post a picture of yourself, and the other artists will caricature you. Its great for critiques n what not. Maybe you already know about this :P

  5. more man...what are ya like? I'll be joining the summer fight come monday, doing my workexperience this week, that's enough for me.

  6. Ive gone to post some shit a few times but i just dont like posting haha, takes me forever.
    Ive got some stuff I wana post so il prob do it today after I finish this portrait im workin on.

    But you gota tell me how to do this "new" way of posting on blogger!

    Also hows the WE going?